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Are you looking for free rolls and coins in Dice Dreams Free Rolls?  Looking for more freebies of Dice Dream? Want to become a Dice Dreamer with coins of Dice Dream? Then no need to wait anymore, you are at the perfect place. Our Dice Dream Free Rolls & Coins and even Booster’s guide retains all such things which let you stop worrying and start earning for in-game goodies.

All About Dice Dreams Game

Dice Dream is an interesting board game that is available both in Android and IOS and in this game you have to build the kingdom and get free rewards. Perfect graphics and game opportunities enable the game to get popular among players. The game was released by Israeli company, Super Play. Its revenue growth on Google Play in March 2022 is $ 1.8 million with a growth of 40.9%.

How to play Dice Dreams?

The fun-loving dice-throwing game that enables you to play free on mobile devices is Dice Dream. The utmost aim of the player within the game is to construct their area of Dreams. But don’t ever assume that it will be an easy task. The player can build the Empire with coins and spins earned as a reward in the game. There are numerous ways to collect Dice Dream Free Rolls and coins.

Rolling the dice is among the most significant tasks that enable them to earn rewards like attacking the opponent’s empire and destroying their part, the players even steal and raid the elements of opponents, etc. On top of that, the player had an option to defend their Kingdom.

What are Dice Dreams Free Rolls?

Free Rolls in Dice Dream are all about the game freebies or free rewards that are provided and shared by the Dice Dream game developers through Dice Dream free rolls links. These links are published by Dice Dream developers on their social media page where the player can collect Dice Dream Free Rolls, attack X3, steal X3, and many more.

How to redeem Free Rolls?

The players can redeem and collect Dice Dreams Free Rolls Link as well as many more rewards with the help of the following points :

Step 1: Connect the game to the social media handler.

Step 2: Go to the official Dice Dream page on Facebook.

Step 3: Too many links are accompanied on the page

Step 4: Get the latest date link among all

Step 5: Tap and visit the link

Step 6: The link will open the game app and display the reward dialogue box where the user collects the assured reward.

Note: It is significant to know that for each user the link will work for once.

How to get more Dice Dream Free Rolls?

Various ways to get Dice Dream Free Rolls are given in bullets :

  • Daily Rewards The player gets a handful of rewards by simply visiting (Insert website link). These rewards are provided with an assured gift like free rolls, coins, and other prizes. The amount of rewards hikes on each day.
  • Inviting Friends- The player earns Dice Dream free rolls by inviting friends through the link. All they need to do is to connect their game with a Facebook account. Those links are assured with free rolls for each friend who logs in to the game by the usage of links, the rewards are provided to both parties. The free rolls enhance considerably with each friend’s login, starting at 30 rolls for the first friend, 40 rolls for the second, 60 for the third, 80 for the fourth, and 120 rolls for the fifth. The game enables the option of exchanging Dice Dream free rolls and coins with friends but only once each day.
  • Building Kingdoms- As the player progresses within the game the extent of the game increases giving assured free rolls based on the level, the player has achieved. Even they can get extra free rolls by sharing updates about the kingdom on the official social media page.
  • Viewing Ads- In Dice Dream the players even can earn free rolls and coins by just viewing the advertisement placed by the game developers. It can be available up to three times per day.
  • Hourly Basis Rewards- In Dice Dream Players get the opportunity to earn free roles every hour if they run out of spins less than 50 rolls. As the player reaches the classic level of 50 rolls the hourly spins are automatically deactivated.
  • Events- Dice Dream developers tend to organize events frequently which enables players to play and earn Dice Dreams free rolls and coins. The players must participate in those events and complete them to receive rewards. These events are like packages to get a large number of free rolls.
  • Completing Sticker Collection– The players can even secure Dice Dream free rolls by collecting stickers in the game. The rarity of the sticker collection determines the element and size of the reward. Stickers are generally found in chests and event traded with friends during special events of Dice Dream.

Note:  Golden stickers are mainly traded in the events.

  • Join Social Media Communities– The players connect their account to Facebook so they can also join the group and community of friends to get Dice Dream free rolls and coins to increase the reward collection. They even get players to play with.
  • Long Break- If a player is unable to play the game for a longer period, they receive free rolls while logging back in. It is a good way to earn a small number of Dice Dream-free rolls too.

Wrapping up:

There are multiple methods available to acquire free rolls in the Dice Dream game, offering players an advantage to upgrade and progress through levels. Hopefully, this guide resolves any uncertainties you might have while playing the game.


What is Dice Dream?

Dice Dream is a mobile game that combines elements of puzzles, strategy, and luck. Players roll dice to move around a game and complete challenges to progress through the game.

Can the free links be shared with friends?

Yes, the players can share the free roll links with their friends. However, free links have limited accessibility and may last for a very short period.

What is the role of stickers in Dice Dream?

Stickers are like key chains to get free rolls. Stickers are available as a reward while rolling dice which enables you to complete the album. For completing each album the size of the reward increases.

Does the game provide the opportunity to play in guest mode?

Yes, the Dice Dream game provides an opportunity to play in guest mode without connecting to a Facebook account. But this mode has limited accessibility to rewards and enables one to get higher levels.