What is SimCity Builtin Game

About SimCity Builtin

SimCity Builtin is a simulation game where one needs to build a city, upgrade the town and provide various facilities to the simulated citizens living in that city. The player will act as a mayor in this game and will develop the whole city. This game is a free simulation game developed by electronics arts. The significant aspect of this game is the player gets an overview of real-life problems faced by an individual, and the player needs to solve those real issues like sewage, electricity, etc. These issues are the problem faced by the citizens of the game. Moreover, players can also compete with other users once they signed up for the SimCity builtin.

Features of the SimCity Builtin

This game is free to play, but one can buy it through app purchases for specific items. This game makes you delighted because of its light-heated music and superb graphics. Once a player installs the game, it will begin with 25,000 simoleons (citizen of the SimCity builtin), and the player will be provided 50 Simcash (game cash).

This game has a feature of no zoning because of which one can builds and move buildings, houses, factories manually. One can place buildings anywhere according to the player’s choice. In this game, commercial & industrial are for production purposes, and there is a thing called residential zone necessary for increasing the population of simoleons. This building needs to be upgraded frequently for the overall development of the city.

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Besides the regular building, there are unique buildings on a special occasions like new year, Christmas eve, thanksgiving, etc. This building can be placed in the middle of the town, and this building will be there for three months. This unique building can be amusement, wild west, or any other structure based on real life.

Initially, there is a small portion of city space available for the player. With the up-gradation of the city, one can unlock the city space. One can also move this building for the utilization of the city space. Other than all the given space, SimCity builtin provides five additional areas which need proper development. One can unlock these regions, which will open various kinds of buildings and many more.

How to Play SimCity Builtin

This game has many more features, like one can set up two-lane roads using a tool. At first, a player can lane two roads after quite some time; an individual can upgrade the roads four & six-lane. One can unlock different routes like avenues and many more if the user has opened the disasters update. This disaster update will allow the player to launch a disaster in their own city. This disaster can be an earthquake or meteor collision. By launching disaster and coping with it, one can earn gold keys.

As a mayor of the city, one needs to make the city citizen happy, which helps the player more tax from this town people. The tax is collected in city hall. Other than making townspeople happy, one needs to upgrade the population to earn taxes. 

This game can use this game to communicate with other players. One can trade goods and can join clubs for communication purposes.

How is the Gameplay

The game’s graphics are pretty good, and this game is free to play if one needs to buy the game currencies. One can buy it through app purchase. Other than all, this game is easy to play.

This game has various currencies like simoleons which is the name given to the citizen of Sim City. The more you have simoleons, the more you get tax out of it. Simcash is very tough to gain if you want to earn it. One needs to spend real cash. Other currencies are gold key & platinum key. Here it can achieve the gold resolution if one has completed the disaster or shipment update. Like Simcash for platinum key, one needs to spend real cash. 

This game has two different kinds of the zone: residential zone & Commercial zone in residential location other kind building which serves the purpose of residing facilities for simoleons. The city area has been unlocked through the expansion of this residential zone.

Another is the commercial zone, where various buildings produce commercial goods like a hammer, nail, measuring tape, etc. This building plays an essential role in the game play. The goods made by this commercial building & industries help in the up-gradation of the town.

The player needs to set up buildings and provide services like power, water, waste management, and sewage to the building’s residents. The player needs to ensure that the residential zone gets the necessary facilities like fire, police, and many more.

Aside from all, SimCity built-in provides some specialized building boost with the happiness of simoleons. These buildings are parks, landscapes, beaches, etc. 

Disaster Update

The company recently launches this update. If a player unlocks, this update can launch a disaster in the city. The player can find a tragedy like a meteor strike, earthquake & tornado. Establishing a disaster will help the player to gain gold keys.


  • The simulation & the graphics are awesome
  • One can renovate the building according to the player’s choice.
  • The design of the road enhances the beauty of the city
  • Adding trading features helps one to communicate with other players
  • SimCity allows one player to visit other towns of the player


  • Sims of the city is pretty dumb.
  • Trading is possible only on the global market. One cannot exchange goods between cities.
  • One needs to arrange to build accurately as the region provides the game is very small, making some players uncomfortable to play.


Apart from some issues and bugs, this is a great game, and one should check this SimCity built. This game helps one to understand the absolute critical factor like fire, sewage, etc. One also gets various insight on spacing as there is a limited amount of space, which wastage of resources will hamper the city’s growth. Overall, it is correct, a game, and playing this game will help you get some general insights.