Top 5 Fitness Apps

About Top 5 Fitness Apps

Health has become the most significant issue. Like people don’t take care of their health. It’s said we could earn money any time, but if you don’t take care of your health, there is no use of that money. Being healthy doesn’t mean that you have to be on a diet—being healthy means being fit and fine. And how can you be suitable and elegant that the most significant issue? So all you need in your life to be fit and fine is exercise. Exercise is an essential thing you have to do in your life you can consider as a critical factor.

We know that there is no control over what food we eat. We tend to eat fast food, and who doesn’t love fast food? Do you think eating fast food and not doing exercise can make you fit and fine? Of course, no, we are not going to be fit. So I recently came across some best apps for training which have helped me a lot, and I think if I am taking the benefits, why shouldn’t I tell you about it because even you people have the right to choose the gifts. And so people can become healthy. Do you know what the best thing about the app that they are free of cost is? Like all five apps for free of charge. Isn’t it a significant advantage? So Let me tell you the name of all five apps.

  1. My Fitness Pal
  2. The 7-Minute Workout 
  3. Thenics
  4. Downdog
  5. Freeletics

So these are the five apps I am talking about ill tell you how you can use them and how they are beneficial, so let’s know about each app in detail.

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  • My Fitness Pal

Under Armour powers this app. Talking about this app, it’s a fantastic app because firstly it’s free and secondly it counts your calories. I know most people think counting calories is not that important, or they do not want only to calculate their calories. Suppose you want to take their fitness game seriously, so they must go for these apps.

This app helps you to track and stay accountable. Like whatever you eat, how many calories does it contain will tell you to choose your food. You can also scan the barcodes of any product and get detailed information on how many calories, nutrition does it contains. E.g., a banana has 89 calories in all. Did you know about it? It also gives you a proper breakdown of the diet that is consumed by the body daily. You just have to put your details like your height, weight, and goal, Whether you want to hulk, enjoy cuts, or maintain.

  • 7 Minutes Workout

How long does it take to do Workout 90 minutes, 600 minutes, 30 minutes? No, you need 7 minutes. Aren’t you surprised that you can get a great workout in only 7 minutes? But it’s a fact .7 minute Workout is based on high-intensity circuit training.

This app has proved to be the most efficient and great way to improve. You just have to follow the Workout from beginning to end, which is shown in the app. The app has visual cues and audio cues available, which will guide you throughout the exercise. And let me suggest that it’s the best app because most people tend to say that they have done, have time, but guys, 7 minutes are all you have to give, and I think that much you can.

  1. Thenics

This is a calisthenics app. And you guys know what’s the best thing about the app is that it is a progressional training app. So basically, this app has got levels, so you can start any story you want from 0 to any degree.

It has different types of exercise, depending upon what you want to do. So this is the best app if you’re going to be progressively stable. You also get countdowns and visual cues which will help you throughout the Workout from start to end. If you think your body weight is more, then this app is perfect for you.

  • Downdog App

Downdog app is a yoga app. It is a very great-looking app and very simple to use, and easily customizable. The best part about this apps is that you get a unique experience with every Workout you do.

You get in this 30000 variation and six different settings; you can individualize your practice with this. You can also create a playlist while you Workout to hear other songs for each whenever you do the exercise. And this is something unique where you can do the Workout with your favorite playlist, so you should try it.

  • Freeletics

This app comes with four different variants like

  1. Bodyweight training 
  2. Gym training 
  3. Running
  4. Nutrition

This app also contains a massive list of workouts that you can follow until you guys know what I like personally about this app: it takes you from where you are to what you want to be.

So after knowing about this app, you can’t tell that this technology is making you lazy, making you healthy you can technology is trying to make you fit. And you can only be done by practicing it in your daily life, like just installing the app and just having a look at the app won’t make you fit. If you have set your goals, no one can stop you. Talking about this app, they are readily available on the play store. And as I said, what ways you could use the apps. And if you think it has helped you let your loved ones know about this app so that even they can be fit and fine.