Sonic Dash Game Review

About Sonic Dash Game Review

We get bored playing the Same games for, E.g., temple run, subway suffer we want to try something new because no one likes to play the same games we all want to try new things new games. So I came across this Game, which I felt is very interesting, so I thought of sharing it with you. Like if someone is taking benefit of something, others also should know about it. So here is the name of the Game is a sonic dash.


Sonic dash game is readily available on the play store. I mean, you’ll quickly find it. And guess what? The most significant advantage is that you’ll play even online as well as offline.

We all want a game that never ends. If we love some serials, we think it should not get over, but it has to end one day. But guess what, the game is never-ending. It is an endless game.

Coming on, what is the main agenda of the Game. The character present in the Game named sonic has to avoid obstacles and enemies so that you move ahead. Secondly, in the rest of the Game, we get coins to collect, but we have to collect rings instead of cash.

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You can get Rings in two ways: you can purchase it or get it when you play. Not just these, you can even compete with other people. You’ll wonder how to compete.

So basically, you have to score more points and get your name on the leader board. You’ll also get updates time to time, which makes the Game more and more enjoyable.

You also get the characters from the Sonic universe. How can you get these characters, so all you need is red starring or real money?

We are talking about how to play?

In the Game, we itself have the character sonic. Just by swiping it left or right, you can move. Similarly, you’ll also come across various obstacles; all you have to do is just be safe from this obstacle. You have to jump over or dodge The challenges.

This game is similar to other running Games like the temple run. Just like other games, you can control your character in this game too.

I am talking about the most essential advantage I loved because you’ll also like it about animation. You know the animation of the Game is best; it’s kind of 3d. I never found such animation in any game, and this is the best part of the Game.

You also come across various missions; when you complete tasks, you get rewards. So try as much as a mission you can achieve.

When you play the game, you have to rescue the animal. Now questions will arrive like how and what. So while playing only at a certain point, an animal gets rescued when you rescue animals as given in the mission, you can build your boat kind of for these you need to retrieve them first.

You are talking about what missions you get.

  • Roll 5 times
  • Collect 50 rings in one run
  • Score 1000 points in one run
  • Dash once
  • Roll into five enemies
  • Collect power-up

After you complete such a mission, you get Diamonds and XP, what else you want.

You come across a prize wheel Where you can spin the wheel and get prizes, but to spin the wheel, you need red rings. For each spin, you require three red circles. Now, what gifts do you get?

  • Boosters
  • Rings
  • Diamond And many more.

You’ll also come across puzzle-type games in it, which is called a jigsaw. In a jigsaw, all you have to do is collect the parts of the puzzle and complete it and get prizes. Now where you’ll get the details of the mystery, you’ll get this piece while you are playing. I mean, in d game itself, you just have to collect it.

You also come across various b you can use this booster while playing. Let’s have a look at what champion you actually get and how it works.

  • Spring bonus

Hitting a spring gives you a score bonus which increases after every successive spring bonus.

  • Enemy combo
  • Ring streak

Ring streak gives an additional score bonus.

  • Final score bonus

Your score gets added bonus at the end of the final run.

You can also buy red rings or the character you love or wish to buy from the store. So guys, what are you waiting for? I am definitely loving the Game and playing it, so you to go and try It.